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  • Chris Dunkerley

Brainstorm how-to: the wall of ideas

Coming up with creative ideas, needs a lot more than a set process and an imagination. Quite often, when teams try to be creative - the opposite comes true.

We've all been there unfortunately, when ideas are suggested, only to watch them hang in the air like an invisible lemon, or worse, get shot down before it's even had chance to shine. The long term damage can be that teams avoid ideas generation in numbers, and businesses struggle to develop innovative ideas that their creative teams should be churning out.

What can you do about it?

The next time you want to do a creative ideas session, kick it off by re-introducing the concept and desired outcomes to the team at the start. I find it really helps to name the behaviours needed for a productive ideas session, because nine times out of ten, the missing ingredient is mindset. If participants can shift from a place of 'that won't work because...' to one of, 'how can we make that better for our audience?', the difference in results will almost be instantaneous.

I work with internal creative teams to reignite their creative spark, train them how to be better, more creative teams, and how to achieve greater independence from Management, who are often investing too much time with the creative output.

Change your mindset - achieve awesome creative results!

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