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IHA Efficiency Training

The efficiency of your In-House Agency is a company-wide matter.


How the wider teams view and treat it as a resource.

How the controlling Director manages the team and how involved other Directors and Managers get in individual projects. The processes the inner IHA teams follow to manage projects and deliver their absolute best potential, PLUS how they manage additional external resource like freelancers or other Agencies.

When IHA Efficiency Training is needed.​


  • ​If your creative team don't WOW you every day.

  • If originality has peaked and they have no time.

  • If project deadlines are always pushed to the absolute wire.

  • If information and message is ever confused or inaccurate.

  • If you feel the energy in your marketing or creative teams has dropped.

Areas we work on include;

  1. Back to basics

  2. Embrace a creative approach

  3. Become 'agency efficient' and minimise management time

  4. Ideas development workshops

  5. Process development workshops

  6. Client / Agency relationship modelling and culture

First step is for you to tell Chris all about your existing team.