• Why words are important

    When your prospects read an advert, a letter, a piece of direct mail, a sales piece or descriptions of your services in literature or online they have to make sense to the reader, and distinguish you from your competitors.

    Intricate product and service details are necessary to support the selling process by demonstrating that you understand the problems your clients face, to ease them through the buying process into the client experience seamlessly.

  • The words you choose to explain a product or service to a prospect, need to be in line with the purpose of each communication channel, and the prospect you are talking to.

    If we tried to write down every single thing we do that goes into a Marketing or Design project, it would take a very long time and no-one would read it because there would be far too much detail.

    The purpose of the piece whether it’s generating prospect interest for new appointments, providing service information general selling, how-to manuals / tutorials or after sales care documents – all require different levels of detail.
  • We help our clients to decide on the tone of voice and language best suited to their target audiences, before selecting the most suitable copy writer for them from our trusted providers, and managing them as part of our own team.

    Our copy writing services tie in directly with our core marketing services, including;


    If you have project that requires wonderful wording, start by seeing if moocreations is for you and then fill in the booking form to receive a free consultation with our Managing Director.